Occasionally it becomes necessary to close schools due to inclement weather.

Full day closing:  In the event that schools are to be closed for at the full day or days, local radio stations will receive the information prior to 7:00 a.m.

Half day closing:  In the event it becomes necessary to close schools after the school day has already begun, bus drivers and parents will be notified of the closing by the local news media.

Radio:     TV
Appomattox: WTTX (107.1)   Channels 7 and 10 - Roanoke
Lynchburg : WJJS-FM (103)   Channel 13 - Lynchburg
  WLLL/WGOL-FM (98)   Channel 27 - Roanoke
  WRVL-FM (88.3)   Channel 33 - Cable TV
  WLGM-FM (102)    
  WYYD-FM (108)    
  WBRG-AM (1050)    
  WLVA-AM (590)    
Roanoke: WVTF-FM (89.1)    
  WXLK-FM (K92)    
  WSLQ-FM (99)    
  WPVR-FM (94.9)    
Altavista: WKDE-FM (105.5)    
South Boston: WDBV-AM (1560)    



Parents are requested not to call the schools to receive information on school closing.  The result of such calls is to "tie-up" telephone communications to the extent that important information becomes unavailable to the school principal.